Friday, November 11, 2011

Comments on Modern World History class.

                                               Comment 1
I like to make my own decisions also. I agree with you about getting overwhelmed sometimes.

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                                               Comment 2
I have alot of the problems you do too. It seems like when you get a project that you have alot of time but then it seems like its due the next day.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Why I Write.

The National Day on Writing is October 20 and we have been asked to submit an answer to the writing prompt "Why I Write". We will publish the answer on our blog and then on the "Why I Write" site.

I write to communicate and to express my feelings.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Science Project

1.Problem-find out if a bean grows better with water or another liquid (coke).
2.Background Knowledge-Plants require water, sunlight, and co2.
3.Hypothesis-the plant will grow better with the water.
4.Materials-2 small cups, water, coke, 2 great northern beans
6.Experiment-Feed bean water and coke the same amount everyday
7.Collect Data
8.Conclusion- neither of my plants grew.
9.Questions for Extensions- If coke didn't make the plant grow what will?

Science Lesson

Here are the questions on the blog about the science lesson.
What are you teaching the students?
I am teaching the students about how the earth formed in theory.
Where did you find your resources/information?
I used my science textbook for information.
What activity are you having the class do?
I am going to put a picture of the earth on the smart board and tell the students tell me what they see. Then I will relate the items they name to how the earth formed.
What vocabulary are you introducing to the class?
I am not going to give any vocabulary, I am going to give a short test and a thinking question.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Madagascar Map


I chose to go with non-commercial share alike  the reason I chose it is because I don't want people making money off of my work and if they use my work I also had derivative because I don't care if people improve my work.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Internet Safety

One time at Noel Elementary there were two friends named John and Jason. they both had alot of friends on there Facebook page. then one day John and Jason were talking and John asked Jason, "Can I have your password to your Facebook page?"
   John said "I don't think that I should."
  "Oh come on I won't post anything bad about you." John said.
  "Ok I will give it to you. The password is 854558757."
  "Thanks, see you later." said John
Then one day they got into a big fight and John decided to get on Jason's Facebook and post bad things about him. And John got arrested for cyberbullying.