Monday, October 24, 2011

Why I Write.

The National Day on Writing is October 20 and we have been asked to submit an answer to the writing prompt "Why I Write". We will publish the answer on our blog and then on the "Why I Write" site.

I write to communicate and to express my feelings.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Science Project

1.Problem-find out if a bean grows better with water or another liquid (coke).
2.Background Knowledge-Plants require water, sunlight, and co2.
3.Hypothesis-the plant will grow better with the water.
4.Materials-2 small cups, water, coke, 2 great northern beans
6.Experiment-Feed bean water and coke the same amount everyday
7.Collect Data
8.Conclusion- neither of my plants grew.
9.Questions for Extensions- If coke didn't make the plant grow what will?

Science Lesson

Here are the questions on the blog about the science lesson.
What are you teaching the students?
I am teaching the students about how the earth formed in theory.
Where did you find your resources/information?
I used my science textbook for information.
What activity are you having the class do?
I am going to put a picture of the earth on the smart board and tell the students tell me what they see. Then I will relate the items they name to how the earth formed.
What vocabulary are you introducing to the class?
I am not going to give any vocabulary, I am going to give a short test and a thinking question.